Pearls are trending

Happy Friday guys, and welcome to my new blog!! For a while I have been thinking of starting a new plus size fashion blog to revamp everything up, and today I am so glad to be able to show you what I was working on!

This first Outfit post is showcasing elements that I am in love with: my faaaaabulous pearl embellished jeans and my rosegold sneakers.

If you have been shopping lately, I’m sure you saw pearls somewhere on the shelves: on t-shirts, skirts, necklaces, jackets and jeans. It’s now safe to say that pearls are trending! I was really happy to see this pair of jeans on Eloquii’s website a few weeks ago. As usual, I took my time to order them and they were sold out… CRAP! So as soon as they refilled their stock, I ordered my pair and voilà! Here are my sublime skinny-but-comfy pretty pair of pearl embellished jeans!

I read the reviews online and people kept saying it runs large… Well, I decided to stay to my true size 20, and it fits perfectly. I also ordered another pair of jeans (the ones with sequins) and I can’t wait to show you what I paired it with.

The story of my sneakers is basically the story of every shopaholic: I was at Target (BAM! just sayin’that you know my wallet was already struggling) and we were walking through the regular size clothing to get to the beauty products, and my eye caught those shiny, sleak, black, white and rosegold sneakers.

Step 1: Do they have my size (10 or 11). YES.

Step 2: Are they comfortable. YES.

DONE! In the shopping cart.

And this is how I shop!


I was so glad that my favorite restaurant (Mandy’s) accepted to be part of this photoshoot! Their Old Montreal location is the perfect place to go for a lunch with the girls, or relax with one of their gourmet salad. If you ask me, the October Salad and the Cobb salad are my number ones.

Let me know if you like the pearl trend, or show me your pearl items by commenting below or using the #EmyNeedsARaincoat on social medias.

Jeans: Eloquii / Rosegold sneakers: Target / T-shirt: Girl with Curves / Pleather Jacket with studs: Forever21 Plus / Necklace: Your Big Sister’s Closet

Location: Mandy’s in the Old Port, Montreal

Photography: Katerine PhotoArtiste


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