3-2-1: Target haul!!

Why, oh why did they closed all our Targets in Canada? It’s one of my favorite place to shop whenever I cross the Canadian border..

Well, for once, when they opened some Canadian Target stores, they didn’t bring all the exclusive collections, like Victoria Beckham for Target, Prabal Gurung for Target  or Lilly Pullitzer for Target.. (from what I know, based on the many stores I went to)

They also left behind the best beauty brands like Sonia Kashuk, Kristin Ess, and Pacifica.

But where it hurt me the most: they didn’t have the amazing plus size fashion collections they have in the US. Ava & Viv, Who What Wear, A New Day… If they decided to bring all this, I’m CERTAIN the stores would still be open. I mean, where else would you shop for affordable and trendy plus size clothing in Montreal? Addition Elle ($$)?   Penningtons?

Anyway! I like to drive to Plattsburgh once in a while, and spend some time shopping in the United States.

Last weekend, my friend Nadine and I spent from 11:30am to 5:30pm at Target.. REALLY?! YESSSSS! I don’t know with who else I could spend a whole day at Target other than Nadine. So we took our time, shopping for clothes, home decor and (finally!) beauty products.

Here’s what made the cut:

  1. Rose gold Mossimo sneakers: athleasure at it’s best!! Comfy and stylish. Love them!
  2. Stranger things shirt: It was in the “regular size” section, but I grabbed and XL and it fits perfectly! I was surprised to see that the 2XL was too large.. don’t let the sizes fool you, try it on!
  3. Black pompom Mossimo sneakers: Ok, I wasn’t planning on bringing home 2 pairs of shoes, but these ones were on clearance, like 13$ US.. Hello you!!
  4. Kristin Ess shampoo & conditionner: I really bought these ones after Nadine couldn’t contain herself in front of the shelf… I tought, hey! I could try that! The packaging is nice, the product smells good… why not?!
  5. Klean Kanteen water bottle: Do I need another water bottle? No. Did I end up buying it? Yes! It’s small, cute, and I know I will use it. AND it’s the best brand to keep your beverage cold! Tried and tested!
  6. EOS crystal lip balm: Everytime I look for this particular clear lip balm in Montreal, I only see the regular EOS.. This one is made of oil, and is wax free. I really feel the hydration with this crystal EOS, and I love it!
  7. Thayers Witch Hazel toner: Moisturizes, cleanses, tones skin, tightens pores with a fresh feeling, and a lovely cucumber scent. It’s organic, grown on a family farm, alcohol free and cruelty free.. What’s not to like?


On the sad side, I had to leave behind some beautiful items, but I might come back for them!

If you are into home decor and you don’t know about the home collection Project62, click on the link right now!! It’s full of ideas, inspirations and trendy items you can add to your decor. The price range is very affordable (I think.. I mean, “affordable” is something very personnal..), the color palette is spot on the trends at the moment and it’s just…. perfect!


We stopped a minute at JC Penney and we didn’t even made it to the women’s section, Nadine screamed my name “YOU HAVE TO BUY IT!!!!”

Emy needs a raincoat - JCPenney haul (1)

What do you think…. OF COURSE I bought it!!! It’s Michael! In his best years!!

So that was it, my first 2018 shopping haul in Plattsburgh.


What do you think? Any products I should try next time I go to the USA? Let me know in the comment section, and I will add them to my list!




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